Thursday, November 11, 2010

New 4.0 Gold Opportunity for Lowbies

I just discovered a really great gold making opportunity for low level players--and its so easy, you'll /smack head and say "doh!"....

Thanks to Glyphmas, raw materials for Inscription are selling very well. Its hard to find herbs at reasonable prices anywhere (on my server at least).

Yesterday I started a new Horde toon and have leveled to 15 so far. I wanted to get two gathering professions so I chose skinning and herbalism because the trainers were near where I was at the time. I had some extra greys in my bags, so after training Herbalism I clicked on the vendor--and found he had 2 Mageroyal, 2 Earthroot and 1 Peacebloom for sale. They were anywhere from 8c to 13c each. 

I bought them and hustled over to the AH where they were selling for much more. The Peacebloom went for 50s, the Earthroot sold for 1g 20s each and the Mageroyal was a whopping 2g 15s each. That's over 7g profit in a matter of seconds. I logged that character and plan to go back tomorrow morning to see if they have respawned at the vendor.

So add vendor purchases of herbs to your list of new character gold making opportunities.


  1. Don't forget the Darkmoon Faire trader has some of the higher level herbs too - they seem to be different for each toon that visits so when the Faire is in town, I stop by on different alts :) I managed to level alchemy a bit by storing these dribs & drabs until I could use them to skill up.

  2. Excellent tip Nevyn. Darkmoon Faire is one faction I don't have rep with on any toon. For whatever reason, when their circus comes to town I end up doing other things.

    I will have to check them out.

  3. tbh, I don't have any rep with them either - there's an exotic goods trader I think she's called & I just clicked out of curiosity one day, saw that she had some herbs my alchemist needed but was too low lvl to go & get so I bought them :)

  4. I will look them up next time the Faire comes to town! Thanks so much.