28 Days And Counting: A Diary of Sorts

When I think of 28 days, I think of February, leap year, and movies. If you like Sandra Bullock, there's a 28 Days for you. Or if you are a zombie fan, there's a 28 Days Later to keep you up at night. Of course, if you like Zombies (and who doesn't?), that line of thinking brings you to a different spin on the number "28" with 28 Weeks Later. Personally, I'd love to see "28 Months" as the next installment in Danny Boyle's saga.

But I digress.

There are only 28 days until Azeroth is ripped asunder. That pesky Dragon Aspect Deathwing is waking up....and he is PISSED!

So, as many of us count down the days to release, I have found it difficult to remain focused. It seems there is so much to do and the clock is literally ticking. I finally hit upon a list of priorities that seem important for me. Some things are within reach, and others, well, let's just say that I won't spend time on Insane in the Membrane or farming the Swift Zulian Tiger in soon-to-disappear Zul'Gurub. Although I could still farm the mount, I think other priorities will override that one.

The foundation basics I feel I need to accomplish are:
  • As many maxed professions as possible
  • Stockpile valuable items that will be good gold sellers after Cat
  • Advance my "close to 80" toons to 80
  • Any profession that I can't max by Cat gets advanced as far as possible
  • Not spend foolishly, keeping as much gold as possible for after Cat
  • Obtain "within grasp" titles, achievements and gear
Starting today, I will be posting a daily column on how I'm advancing towards my goals. Hopefully this will give some of you ideas, and others a point of escape. Feel free to comment, and let me know if you have priorities that are different--and if so, how you are progressing.