Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Help A Brother Out Please?

What the hell has happened to civility? Seems to have gone the way of cassettes and Betamax if you ask me. I almost didn't post this after I wrote it (following my own creed of "less QQ and more pew pew") but then I thought this may be something other people have noticed too.

When I logged my L52 Warlock today, he appeared in SW in the middle of a rift battle. "Oh shit", I thought, "this might suck".

And it did. But not for the reason I thought.

I foolishly tried to attack a tornado and was promptly one shotted even with my Voidwalker's shield active. I ran from GY to my corpse and decided that I should rez and get to shelter. At my level, no way I'm gonna compete favorably against these Elementals.

As soon as I rezzed an Elemental appeared near me so I didn't have time to bandage or heal. I just ran to the closest building, which happened to be the bank. As I got to the steps I saw an 80 Shaman just inside, and as I was about to enter the building I got one shot again. Dead.

Now, I didn't have an expectation that she would rez me even though it would have been nice. But I certainly wasn't prepared for what happened next. "LOL" and "NOOB--YOU SUCK" was her whisper.

OK, I thought, put it behind me and just rez again. Ghost ran back to my body and rezzed in the bank. Figured I was safe. Summoned my Voidwalker, sat down to eat a refreshing meal, and standing behind me was a Priest. As I finished my meal and stood up another Tornado appeared--this time in the bank. Before I could blink, I was dead again.

And the Priest said "Idiot--stay out of the city".

Really? Do you think I purposefully sought out a L?? mob to taunt? Do you think my intent was to send my minion in to tank it so I could lob my L52 Shadowbolts from afar? 

I get it if you don't want to rez some lowbie, but it seems un-faction-like to not heal someone who needs it. And to flame someone like that? That's just bad manners. 

Then later I logged my 80 DK. He needs to get the Rift ach so he's running around SW doing all the Twilight Cult quests. For the one where you have to defend the tablets, I arrived at the port just after an 80 Pally turned on the quest. I had to wait till he was done. And, he failed. No biggie, its hard to figure out at first. I invited to a group, and said 'you take that side and i'll take this side'. We easily finished. 

He disbanded without so much as a thank you.

I mean, c'mon--isn't it just good manners to say "thanks"? Not that he couldn't have done it without me--I'm sure he could have. But he did just fail big time before--there were like 3 of each elemental all killing the dwarf.

I don't have set times to WoW. While raiding has been tough, I have been able to meet many other people who DO have a set schedule--early morning, mid day, afternoons with the school kids and late night, often with my friends down under.

Generally I find the early morning players to be very mature, no nonsense people who have a good grasp of game mechanics and situational awareness. PUG at 8:00 am EST and you seldom find tanks who abandon a group or healers who have no clue how to heal.

Maybe this was just "law of large numbers" and I happened to encounter two douchbags at the same time. I don't know.

But I do know that if I'm riding through Ashenvale and see some L20 getting mobbed by a bunch of bears, I stop and help.

Is it really too much to ask that we try to remain civil to one another?

I mean, can a brother get some heals please?


  1. I've had the same thing happen to me too & so have others in my guild but when I was there on my lvl 80 priest, I had the opposite happen - low levels trying to join in then jumping up & down in front of me yelling 'heal plz'. I was in a raid group healing those guys but I threw a renew his way a few times when mana allowed but he just kept doing it. I was torn between teaching him a lesson & being nice - he never said thank you once & used the yell system everytime - being nice won in that I did heal him a while longer but I had to leave before the end of the event so I guess he started dying a bit more after that :)

  2. I hope it was just bad luck...
    In my server we have lots of douchbags, but I've always thought it was a nationality problem, since I never felt it when people still used English in trade and general chat...
    Which changed something like two years ago -.-

    I actually heal and ress perfect strangers if I have the opportunity, lowbies or not... I can understand not doing this, but really can't stand this kind of insults.

  3. @ Nevyn: I agree with you totally. The rudeness can be on either side of the spell. I too try to help out when I can. Glad you do too. And I think you handled that situation the best way--take the high road.

    @ Kreaton: Never thought about the different nationalities. The curse of being American, we always see the world from our perspective. Not sure if bad behavior is acceptable in any culture but maybe it isn't seen as bad elsewhere....

  4. Have you read Miss Mediocre's post?

    It seems like this is a growing phenomenon, too bad...

  5. I used to play LOTR online for a long time and people always helped out .

    For me when I am on my paladin I will heal anyone I can but I have noticed that since the events have started trade chat is not the nicest place any more .

    But the one that gets me as a Mage the amount of whispers I get saying portal xxxx , no please or anything

  6. @ anonymous-I had not seen MM today but just read it and posted a comment. Thanks!

    @ Zoxy--Mage portals will be in higher demand very soon....seems like people would be more thoughtful and friend a few mages. I know I have!

  7. Thank you for your post, Kammler. I've recently switched servers and found this attitude to be the norm instead of the exception in my new home. It's been eating at me for a couple weeks now and I've been debating with myself about changing servers and rolling new toons. The friend who invited me to this server has argued that I'm just being too sensitive and need to give the folks on this server a chance to learn the ropes as it was recently opened to new players. I'm trying, but losing patience. It isn't fun and it's stressing me out.

    And to the 80 in Stormwind yelling, "Anyone not 80 GTFO! This isn't for YOU! GTFO NOW!!" ??

    Since when am I not a valid player just because I haven't hit 80 yet? Yes, I will die in one hit, but if I stay to help heal and rez, isn't that my choice? Isn't Stormwind my city too? I'm not hurting you by being there, I'm not stealing anything from you. I feel I'm actually gaining a greater experience and feel for the game to witness that chaos and see how folks can come together. It's great to see what the 80s can do, too. I'm getting jazzed about continuing to play and level and see what is to come... until I get yelled at by folks like you. If you are an example of what it means to be 80? Bah. I don't really want to go there.

  8. Well said. I think people forget that at some point they were low level too. Amazing that evolution has led to them evolving into douches.

  9. Congratulations, you've just met some assh*les. There are plenty around these days. Which, of course, seems to be in the course of the game, with fastfood instances, nobrain raids and 1-2-3-dead PvP.

    All you can do against this is staying away from such behaviour and trying to be nicer, so that you may enhance the gaming experience of a few players. Or jump on the bandwagon and be an even bigger jerk than some players are.

    However, I've got a feeling that most players are somewhat friendly, but in a more neutral way, leading you (and me, or everyone else) to think of them as unfriendly, just because they are not too friendly either - it's a game, so they probably don't care much about their fellows. Nothing more.

  10. I'm sorry you ran into such jerks during the elemental invasion! I saw lots of low level characters bite the dust when I was battling the rifts on my 80 pally, so I'd stop and rez them and make sure they at least made it out of the district I was fighting in. I couldn't imagine whispering them nasty things! I just felt really bad for them, getting caught in the city! Nothing like a Cataclysm to highlight the average player's true colours I guess... /sigh