Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 27: Daring, Dodging and Dinging

With a hefty list and loot laden bags Day 27 had some surprises, one of which led to a real "whew" moment and a controversial decision. Progress update from yesterday:

1) Did much better in randoms today for some reason. Had 18 killing blows in one Arathi win (all time high for me) and 12 killing blows in EotS. Overall, 7 wins, 5 losses and 2 Wintergrasp victories led to over 575 honor, letting me purchase the much awaited Wrathful Helm. Next on the list is Wrathful Legguards and I'm 183/1650 right now. Another couple days and I'll be Wrathfully clad.

2) Fell short of L20 on Horde hunter, but I'm at 18.25. Took a break to blog. Should hit 20 later tonight. Listen closely for the "ding".....should be soon.

3) Completed the Ogri'la dailies and now have 19920/21000. Should hit exalted tomorrow.

4) Got to Honored with Thorium Brotherhood. Purchased the two patterns I wanted and have put scrolls up for sale in AH.

5) Parked a toon in Azshara and managed to buy 5 Deepdive Helmet patterns and 3 Blue Dragonscale Breastplate patterns. Interesting note here, they are on different respawn timers. The Helmet is about 4 hours and the Breastplate is somewhere between 6-8. 

6) Meh, below average day in AH. Sold 2,218g worth of auctions but invested 1250g in new purchases, netting only 900g or so. But, how can I go wrong when people continue to sell Borean Leather for 12g/stack and Mageweave cloth for 2g/stack? I'll buy that all day long. 

Carry forward goals of:

1) Random BGs
2) Horde hunter to L20 and park outside Ambermill to farm Black Tabby
3) Rep Ogri'la to Exalted
4) AH general gold earning and such

Adding 3 new goals:

5) Perhaps controversial, I'm dropping skinning from my L70 toon (who is maxed as a skinner) and adding Jewelcrafting. I will then devote as much time and as many resources as I can to max JC by Cat. I have another toon with maxed skinning so I'm not losing the skill altogether. However, with all the leather to be had in Northrend as my druid pushes to 80 there may be some opportunity costs. I just feel like having the JC skill will be more beneficial than the extra skinner. Updates to come, for sure.

6) Explore details on how to play neutral AH. In the time NOT spent farming the Black Tabby, I really need to buy a bunch of stuff on Horde AH that is wicked cheap. Stacks of herbs that sell for 20g/stack in Alliance AH are less than 2g/stack in Horde AH today. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough gold to buy very much.

7) Research build for my Pally's OS, as PvP healer. These are WAY OP right now and really pwn in battlegrounds. I'm looking for some new PvP challenges and this could be a good way to branch out. Once set, I'll run him in a BG or two to get the feel for this new spec and gameplay.

Finally, many thanks to Acadia's Gold for the insightful and timely post about Rassashi Hatchlings and how Blizzard put out a blue post saying they will remain in the game post Cataclysm. These have been selling for over 10k gold on my server, and I almost paid 8.5k gold yesterday to grab one since I just don't have the time to farm it. At the last minute I decided to let it go--and what a great decision that was!

More tomorrow....

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