Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 28: Building the Foundation

Day 28 in our countdown begins with a lot of non game-play administration to launch the blog. Lots to do, so let's make good use of what time is left today.....

Not sure if its because I'm not very internet savvy or because this is my first blog but it has taken most of the day to get this effort off the ground--despite very user friendly software. Oh, and I've had to work in a few, eh, work items today.

So, priorities for the day are:

1) Complete some random BGs for my honor march. I'm about 450 honor shy of my goal for the Wrathful Gladiator's Helm. Given that a) I'm not an arena player yet; and b) I'm not a very good PvP player (yet), capitalizing on the current ability to buy a Wrathful set w/o arena ranking is something I can't pass up. Two weeks after Cataclysm it will be dated as Season 9 will begin, but at least I will be able to say "no, I don't suck because I'm undergeared". I will suck for other reasons.

2) Level my Horde hunter to L20. I recently realized just how much gold I was passing up by not playing the neutral auction house. I do have a couple higher level Horde toons on other servers, but I don't want to pay $25 to realm transfer one just for this. Once my hunter is L20, I will camp him near Ambermill and check him every few hours to farm the Dalaran Spellscribe. The Black Tabby is a random drop from the Spellscribe. If the speculation is true and this drop goes away when Cataclysm hits, the Black Tabby will be a very valuable vanity pet. If not, the cross faction sales will most likely still be strong, so having a few of these in my inventory seems a no-lose proposition.

3) Work on reputation. My Paladin has 11 exalted reps now, and is 17462/21000 towards his Ogri'la reputation. With these 12 in hand, he can then work on Gnomes, Dwarves and Draenai for the 15 he needs for the achievement. Roughly two more days of grinding for this rep. Oh, and maybe I can finally get Bomb Them Again! in the process. Very elusive thus far.

4) Work on reputation. Need to get at least Honored with Thorium Brotherhood to purchase Enchant Weapon: Strength and Enchant Weapon: Mighty Spirit. It would be great to also get Revered so I can buy Enchant Weapon: Mighty Intellect too, but that will be a longer term goal. The only way to get to revered is to turn in various drops from mobs inside Molten Core, so I'll take the first two now. Oh, and the strength scroll is selling for 400g on my server right now.

5) Park a toon in Azshara to farm the limited vendor pattern for Deepdive Helm from Jubie Gadgetspring and Blue Dragonscale Breastplate from Blimo Gadgetspring. The changes coming with Cataclysm mean Azshara is sinking and these patterns will not be available from these two vendors at least. How valuable might they be? Who knows, but for the effort to park a toon there to check in periodically and see if the patterns are available for sale it seems like a no brainer. Oh, and this same toon can fly to Ashenvale easily to check on Herbalist's Gloves from Harlown Darkweave for the same reason.

6) Auction house maintenance. Buy low, sell high, refresh scrolls, check snatch lists--daily AH grind stuff.

If I get all this done today I will have made major progress.


  1. Sounds like a very busy day you had planned! I've been doing some similar things during my WoW time, like hanging out in Azshara and Ambermill! :) I'm so glad to see you've started a blog! Your comments were always so well written and full of info, I'd actually checked a couple times to see if you had a blog because I figured if you did, it would be well worth reading! You are now bookmarked, and I will be back tomorrow! Keep posting!! :D

  2. Thanks so much for the support!

    I'll do my best to keep it interesting....