Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bored? Try Switch Hitting

I see the comments all over the place--trade chat, guild chat, even /y--boredom has infected Azeroth as we await the arrival of Deathwing. What to do? Try mixing it up.I have played only Alliance since I started WoW 2+ years ago. All my toons were in one guild for a long time and my world was fairly comfortable. 

When I decided to start a Horde toon to work the neutral AH I didn't think it would be as much fun as it has been. My initial goal was just to get to L20 so I could get a mount and then get an escort to a neutral AH somewhere.

The starting zone quests were much more fun than I expected. The story line for the Blood Elves is very good and gives a different flavor to the whole WoLK scenario. On my server the Horde is outmanned by Alliance players so groups are a bit more difficult to get but the solo questing has been, well, just a lot of fun.

Couple that with the nice guildies who I've met and the whole experience is very cool. Tonight the GL and one of the officers were chatting in /g about how they were bored. I asked them if they were willing to do an instance run with me, and they jumped at the chance. We cleared all of SM in about 10 minutes and even though I didn't get a lot of usable gear for me at my level they seemed to have more fun doing it than I did!

I now think I will devote some real playing time to this toon and keep him around for stuff other than just AH gaming.

My observation at this point is simply: if you are bored, hit for the other team for a while. Most of us play only one faction (or primarily one faction anyway) so the quests and events are bound to be more interesting. Maybe you will end up replacing boredom with some good clean fun.


  1. I now have 3 bank alts because of the same experience you had. 1 dinged 72, yesterday, a 66 and a 54. It is some much fun when you know what to do and where to do it.

  2. I never thought the other side would be so much fun! Now I'm in a quandry--which alt to level??