Thursday, March 31, 2011

Auctioneer Help Anyone?

I am a longterm Auctioneer user. I have noticed that since Cataclysm release the data files seem to be more bloated. I need to perform the dreaded /auc clearscan all .

I'm looking for some answers which I can't seem to locate anywhere, including the Auctioneer site.

If I clear all the data, will my Skillet and MySales data go away too? Is there a way to preserve sales data that is used by these addons and still remove all the data Auctioneer has warehoused?

Skillet keeps very useful stats on how many of an item I have sold and for how much total revenue. This info is super useful in determining if I need to make some irregular item to sell.

Any thoughts out there? I love Auctioneer but losing all this valuable info every time I have to "clear the decks" seems like a very big sacrifice.


  1. Why not just backup the saved variable folders before you do it? Then, if it does what you hoped it wouldn't, you can just reverse it and try and figure something else out.

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I will back it up no matter what I end up trying.

  3. You won't lose your mysales data but I think you will lose beancounter. I cleared mine down about 2 weeks ago & I still have mysales stuff. Beancounter has always been a bit patchy for me anyway - today for example, I picked up cash from the mailbox for a LW piece, made another & went to post it. When I checked beancounter, it hadn't registered the sale so I had to check mysales to check my sell price.

  4. It probably depends on whether Skillet uses the Auctioneer price DB.
    MySales data is stored in the respective MySales.lua file, so no way you're going to lose that.

    It doesn't save market prices anyway, but rather the prices your auctions have sold...
    Which is not that representative at all, since the stack size isn't logged either.

  5. Hmmm, following this for sure. i quit using Auctioneer b/c it was just not running... i could not even do an AH scan and it was always stalling. Auctionator took over, but yeah seeing the 3 and 7 day numbers and history from auctioneer was great