Thursday, November 11, 2010

Special Event Quests Make for Easy Gold

As Cataclysm approaches, many players are completing their last minute "to do" lists for their mains and high level alts--me included. Don't overlook your lower level toons and the great experience and gold they can earn.
Hallow's End recently ended and gave me the idea for this post. See, I have three 80s, one 70 (who I'm pushing to get to 80 before Cat) and four other toons ranging from 31 to 52. Each of my toons serves a purpose. 

My 80s have maxed the gathering professions as well as Enchanting, Blacksmithing and Alchemy. My 70 has maxed Leatherworking. My other toons fill out the other professions, Tailoring @ 375, Inscription @ 330, Jewelcrafting @ 225,etc. Each is maxed for his level, and needs significant level advancement for the next tier of crafting.

With limited time to play, it would have been easy to overlook the Hallow's End quest chains. Sure, I wanted to do the daily for my 80s to have a chance at The Horseman's Reins, but why do the other quests? ((Got it the mount on one, missed on two))

Just by doing the quest chains that were readily available for each toon, I gained at least one full level for each of them. Granted, I had to do the daily quests for each every day, which is a lot of logging on and off, but it was so much faster and easier than grinding kills or running all over the map to do a "real" quest.

For example, on my L49 Warlock, every time I completed Let the Fires Come and Stop the Fires, I got 4k experience and 5g--each. Doing those two dailies every day for 10 days was 80k exp and 50g by themselves. Add to that the 4k experience every time I did a new inn for a Trick or Treat, some 20 or so for my Warlock, and that's another 80k exp and 50g, or about 1.5 levels or so just from doing these quests. I think that's good return on my 10 minutes each day to do them.

In November there is Pilgrim's Bounty, and though there is not as much exp or gold to earn there is an opportunity to train your cooking much higher, to L300 if you haven't done that already. And for December, of course, there is Winter Veil. Unless significant changes are made from last year, and there might be, you can get cool vanity pets and some decent gold too.

Right now, be sure to complete the various pre-Cataclysm quests in the major cities. Infiltrating the cult and other mundane tasks don't take long to complete, offer good back story info for Cat, and also give decent gold and experience.

Don't lose out on easy gold and experience right under your nose!


  1. The new shattering pre-quel quests are a joke and super easy experience for all your leveling alts as well.

  2. I always loved leveling during world events! It's nice to get so much experience without having to do any quests (visiting candy buckets, honoring flames, talking to elders, etc). With something happening in game every couple months, it really helps break up the leveling grind, for me anyway! Everyone should take advantage of the holiday events and find out what they have to offer leveling toons and 80s, because there's usually plenty of gold to be made, as Kammler mentioned.

    Great post! :)