Sunday, April 24, 2011

Quick Tip: WoLK Enchanting Materials

If your server is like mine, finding Infinite Dust and Greater Cosmic Essence can be a real pain. The AH prices of Infinite Dust are 6g-8g each and GCEs are going for 15g and up. Sometimes one can find WoLK greens for cheap enough to buy and DE for your own materials but just about everyone is onto this tip, so it is hit or miss. Mainly miss for me lately.

I found that the most economical way to make something to "farm" and DE for my own Infinite Dust and GCE is Shadowmight Ring. It is a L162 ring that DEs into 4-10 Dust (75%) or 1-3 GCE (20%). There is a 5% chance for a Dream Shard.

Materials are 1 each Eternal Earth and Eternal Shadow. The recipe is taught by any JC trainer at skill level 390. 

On my server, the Eternal Earth go for about 9g and the Shadow for about 17g. If you buy them at these prices the margins are close to break even, but can be a fall back method for making your own mats if the AH is either sold out or too expensive. 

Today, I still came out ahead. I buy Earths and Shadows any time I see them at a good price. I bought 45 Earth today for 3g each and 80 Shadow for 7g-9g each. 

I made and DE'd 45 Shadowmight Rings and received: 238 Infinite Dust, 18 GCE and 1 Dream Shard.

From an availability standpoint this option worked great. I couldn't find any GCE in the AH and I needed 15 for crafting scrolls for resale. The Infinite Dust in the AH was very pricey at the time, and limited--only 5 stacks at 140g per stack. 

From a pure gold earning standpoint this would be a very profitable effort as well. My initial investment was 495g (45 Earth at 3g each--135g--and 45 Shadow at 8g each--360g). At market price of 6g, the 238 Infinite Dust would be worth 1,428g. The GCE would be worth 234g at the usual price of 13g each. 

That would have been 1,167g profit for about 5 minutes work. [((1,428+234)-495) = 1,167].

So whether you need a way to generate Infinite Dust and GCE for your WoLK recipes, or you need a good way to earn some gold by making and re-listing these materials, the Shadowmight Ring might be a good option for you. Buy the materials for the right price and the profits are decent. Even at market rates you can keep your business going if the WoLK mats are in short supply.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

500k Gold Milestone and General Thoughts


I hit 500,000g on April 15 after flirting with it for a week. I could have banked 500k a lot sooner but kept getting distracted.

I got to 490k then decided to train Engineering for my Shaman. That took a few thousand gold. I crept back up to 490k-ish and began playing Rift more and more, leaving my AH toon with hundreds of expired auctions mid-week. Soon thereafter I got to 495k but spent a few thousand to get all the Blacksmithing recipes. Finally, on when my Warlock hit 85 and I needed to upgrade his gear to do heroics so there went another few thousand for Dreamcloth and other gear.

Eventually, I just said "screw it" and pushed on through. 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Nesingwary Success Story: From Beggar to Goblin in a Day

I was monitoring trade chat the other day looking for good deals when I noticed a player (who I shall call 'beggar') yelling "Can someone please give me 25g? I really need it."

I watched as the usual trolling occurred. 

"Get a job." 

"Go quest somewhere like I did." 

"If you can find me in Twilight Highlands I'll give you 50g." 

There were some 'more colorful' replies as well.

I sent a private tell, however. "I'm not going to give you any gold but I can teach you how to make your own."

"Really," he replied, "how much will that cost me?"

"Nothing", I answered. "All for free."

"Kk. I'm all ears."

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April 15 Blogger Challenge--Don't Forget

Don't forget--the April 15 Blogger Challenge is coming up. If you write a blog and want to participate just publish your "Server Success Story" on 4/15. 

Based on the comments from the original post this may be a non-event. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Gemmageddon and the 4.1 Horsemen of the Jewel-pocalypse

Warning! This post contains imagery that may offend some people. If your religious views are so strong that you may become upset at a humorous view of God, WoW and Blizzard please do not read any further.

Monday, April 4, 2011

April 15 Gold Blogger Challenge: Server Success Stories

First things first: this is not a Carnival. JMTC and Cold's Gold Factory both do a super job with monthly theme-related posts. Instead, this challenge is designed to illustrate via real in-game examples how our gold tips can help a total stranger.

Interested? Read on......

Friday, April 1, 2011

Leatherworking Can Be Profitable

I met a guy in trade chat the other day, Garahadar, who was looking for someone to Enchant a weapon. His materials, small tip. I think it was Mending but I don't remember now. We struck up a conversation. Seems his situation is very similar to Phuggly's: needs to earn gold and has little working capital now. 

I gave Garahadar some basic tips--quick hits, if you will. Then I offered to construct this post to help him with ideas about how Leatherworking might be an income generator. 

The more I worked on this last night, the more I began to question whether this profession has any serious gold making potential. I decided that Leatherworking can be profitale but the old strategies may not work today.Moreover, the application might be more appropriate for non-Goblins.