Saturday, September 3, 2011

20 Minute JP Run

Since I'm farming Justice Points for my toons now (none of whom have really been made Raid Ready yet), getting a fast run here and there has been my goal.

One of my tank buddies was free so my son grabbed his healer (pushing hard to get to 85 before he leaves for college Sunday) and we queued RDF.

Vortex Pinnacle is not one of my favorite dungeons but when it popped our tank said "let's try to knock this out quick". I grabbed the stopwatch, hit start and said "go".

We were off and running--literally. The tank went on a dead sprint. He chain pulled every group. Before we could burn down one set of trash he was off to the next set. We stopped only twice in the whole instance--both times to rez a fallen comrade. Never once did Chavon have to stop for mana. Pro heals from my boy!

Result? A 20:37 run.

You might have had a faster run. Please tell us about it if you have. Definitely, this was a record for me.