Monday, February 14, 2011

Target 250,000 Gold? Success!!

I guess I could have hit this a few days ago but I didn't want to alter my normal buy/sell cycles. I managed to hit 250,519g before bed last night.

The screenshot was crappy so I took another one this morning after hitting the AH one more time.

Now I'm over 260,000g.

Lots of hard work lately to get here--and good sales through the DMF really helped.

Earning gold had become a game unto itself. I plan to take a break from the grind and work on leveling my playing toons for a while. Don't get me wrong--I'll still be around but very limited AH time each day.

I submitted an interview to Warcraft Econ this morning. If they don't publish it I will post it here. If they do publish it I will re-link it here.

Thanks to all the gold bloggers out there for the great ideas and motivation. Next up: 500k!


  1. Congratulations Kammler!

    Always nice to reach your targets.

    Are you getting yourself a present :P

    xoxo anaalius

  2. Thanks! I haven't decided. I want one of the Tundra mounts that has vendors on it. Never bought a Chopper either.

    If I get something good I will post about it.

  3. woo hoo! big gratz mate :) I look forward to seeing peeps I 'know' on Warcraft Econ & I'm hoping to be there myself soon or at least, that's my current target.

  4. Thanks Nev! I'm just glad I got it done. I had been hovering around 225k for a while, seemed like I was only creeping forward--then two big days in a row put me over the top.

    Appreciate the kind words--

  5. Congratulation Kamm well done .In 2 year i will be there :)

  6. Grats Kammler, that's awesome! Going to get into the WoW Econ Hall of Fame, or wait for 500k to do so?

  7. @ Alberthus: you will get there sooner than you think, I'm sure.

    @ Vince: Thanks! I'd like to get the Hall of Fame now, and hit it again when I hit 500k.

  8. GRATZ Kammler!! What a milestone! I would definitely treat myself to a little something special as a reward! Now onward to 500K next! you'll get there in no time I'm sure!

  9. Gratz Kamm,

    ALways nice to reach milestones and targets. I find that if I dont set a target I get complacent and end up doing nothing :(

  10. @ Aliciana: Thanks! I'm starting to consider the Tundra mount more seriously. I just have to decide what character to give it to--wish it was BoA instead of BoE.

    @ Smudger: I agree. After taking only a day off I'm already a bit anxious about my income. I think I'm hopelessly addicted to the AH. Might have to set a time frame for that 500k.

  11. Congratulations Kammler! :) I am hoping to make it there soon as well, but I keep getting distracted from gold making, lol. Best of luck on your way to 500k!

  12. Thanks Miss Mediocre! I am happy I got there too!

    You will too, keep it up!