Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Meta Gem Pattern: Tough Lesson(s) Learned


Playing on my Pally last night, who has max JC and Ench, trying to decide what Meta pattern to buy with my 4 Jewelcrafter Tokens. Thought it might be a good time to use The Undermine Journal to see what patterns were selling well. 
I did a search for "Shadowspirit Diamond" and at the very bottom were the three patterns for the new 4.0.6 Metas. Since I had not set up notifications for any of these patterns, I thought I would double check the AH to see if any of the new patterns were listed. 

Agile Shadowspirit had no current auctions listed, but had sold three times on the server--twice for 50k gold and once for 39,999 gold. Burning Shadowspirit had not been listed at all on the server.  

Imagine my surprise when I clicked on Reverberating Shadowspirit and saw this:

Really? 300g? Someone obviously got the drop, didn't have a JC or know the rarity of the pattern and popped it in the AH for what they thought was a good price. After all, no historical data in Auctioneer or anywhere else would have helped determine pricing.

So I wondered "how long ago did that happen?", and scrolled down the page to see:

At the time I did this, the graph illustrated it had just happened. Like minutes ago. Now I was pissed.

I'm not going to embarrass the player, but at the bottom of TUJ the sales are listed and include the seller's name. I searched and the player was still on-line. Turned out to be a L81 Warrior. 

My initial reaction was to lash out. I felt like if the player had listed for a more reasonable cost the pattern might still be there. Not only did this pattern sell for 300g, but I also missed the sale be less than 5 minutes according to TUJ. I had not set notifications in TUJ so I was upset at myself too.

Conversation was pleasant enough--all private tells, not in /2:

Me: hey did you list a JC pattern in the AH recently?
Player: Yes, about an hour ago. 
Me: Oh, do you know if it sold? 
Player: Hold on, I'll check--I'm right by the AH. 
Player: Yes, it sold about 5 minutes ago, you just missed it.

Pause. At this point I had second thoughts. Why risk pissing someone off? There is something to be said for letting people muddle through their own ignorance. Then this:
Player: Sold so fast, guess I should have asked more. If I get another one I will let you know. 

Really? 'If you get another one'? Wowhead puts the drop rates around 0.02%. I was still resisting the temptation to symbolically punch this person in the mouth with the actual value. But then this:
Player: Is it rare?

Ok, I couldn't resist anymore. Obviously this person thought he undercharged and suspected I must know more about the value. He was trying to find out more, right? So I should help out, right?
Me: Trust me, you don't want to know.
Player: No really, I can take it. 
Me: It is one of 3 JC patterns that came out in 4.0.6. Probably the rarest item in the game right now.
Long, long pause. Then this exchange:

Last chance, I thought, if he wanted to simply ignore the whole thing.

Player: Sure, I can take it. Lol, I know I screwed up. How bad?
Me: I think you could have gotten upwards of 35k gold. Maybe 50k.

Long pause. 

Player: Uh, ok. Whatever.

He thought I was blowing smoke.

Me: Tell you what--when you log off tonight go to and check how rare it is, then go to and see how much they sell for on this server. I'm not making it up.
Player: Ok, I will. 

Selfishly, I felt a little better because I think the player may have learned a lesson. Sorta felt good to smack dat ass, so to speak.

Then I realized that I'm the one who should have learned something--if I had my notifications set up properly I would have had a shot at buying this pattern. As it was, I just happened to find out after the fact--immediately after the fact--but still, it was more my fault than his. 

Now my notifications are set up. I wonder if the player learned anything too.


  1. Can i just say holly crap ,one hell of a story.
    And just say Europe ,and no for me .
    It makes you wonder ,did we ever did something similar,but whit all the things considered you take it really well :)

  2. Wish it had a happier ending, i.e., I bought the pattern for 300g, but alas, some lessons are hard to learn I guess.

    In the long run I'm sure I will benefit from the experience.

  3. I'm not so sure these are that rare now - I bought mine (Agility one) on Saturday afternoon & by Tuesday evening I had competition. As of this morning (Thurs), I now have 2 more competitors & the price of the cut gems is dropping fast as they keep undercutting each other :(

    I checked the other cuts before I bought mine - 3 or 4 competitors on both the Burning & Reverberating cuts & that was on Saturday! So there have been at least 10 drops in just about 1 week since patch.

    I'm sorry you didn't get it mega cheap - that would have been a nice snatch but my advice is not to shell out big bucks when you do find one.

  4. Thanks for the advice!

    I wasn't interested at 50k gold. Or even 20k. But if I could have gotten it wicked cheap like that I would have listed it for 50k to see if I could flip it for a big payday.

    The Agility gems are still selling for 650g, Burning gems are under 300g but the Reverberating cuts are holding steady at 950g.

    I figure there's plenty of opportunity to get these via drop and they should always be a better seller than the vendor cuts because not everyone can get them.

  5. Two of these rare designs have popped up on my server for under 400g. I missed them both due to my TUJ notifications having been sent only to my email. All the others have popped in the AH at over 10k, and sadly, I'm just in the beginning stages of making gold, so I've only got about 7k liquid. :(

    I've farmed my butt off for these too... with no luck yet.

  6. Hahaha, same thing happened to me, except almost worse! I set the notifications as soon as TUJ had the recipes listed, woke up one morning to check my email and saw that someone had listed the Reverberating Design! For 90g. At 2 AM. When I was asleep. Sure enough, it had sold within minutes.

    On a brighter note, I did get the Agile Design for only 900g. I've yet to see a Burning Design go up, but there have been a few of the other two, all for around 15k+. I'd like to get the Reverberating, but they're selling for only 350g, so unless the price on the Design goes down significantly, I doubt I'll be bothering with it any time soon.