Saturday, February 5, 2011

How's Your RAK?
Back in November I posted about how Azeroth could be improved by Random Acts of Kindness (or RAKs). This led to a fairly robust discussion (for my meager blog) about how others were addressing this already.  I was pleasantly surprised. However, shortly thereafter I quit blogging regularly due to personal issues and never revisited the idea.

I thought today was a great time to give a quick update and encourage all of you to perform some RAKs on your own.

A couple of days ago I was in SW on my Pally, Moroghan. There was a request in Trade for someone to answer a Tanking question. I did a quick right click on the player's name and it was a L70 Warrior. He wanted to know about which one of two gear pieces would be better for him tanking. One had high Stam and the other had lower Stam but +dodge.

We wsp'd back and forth for quite a while about the changes from WoLK to tanking--removal of Defense, renewed emphasis on avoidance in general, how +Stam was less important now, and more. Turns out he had not played since WoLK and had never played a tank. Seems the long-ass queue times for random dungeons made him decide to try tanking.

I pointed him in the direction of Tankspot and Elitist Jerks for some theorycrafting and other information. Mentioned that the Cobalt set was about as good as he could get outside instances at that level. Since he would progress up the level chain fairly fast it didn't make sense to spend a lot on gear right now. Told him I would see if I had any Cobalt lying around in my BS bank when I logged him later that night.

As it turned out, I never logged my BS later--wifey had other plans--so WoW ended for me shortly thereafter.

And I then forgot about him until late last night. And I was just motivated enough to make the extra time he waited worth the effort. I had mats in the bank for: Cobalt Chestpiece, Cobalt Belt, Cobalt Shoulders, and Cobalt Boots. But the real 'bonus' was that I had a ton of Felsteel too.

So I threw in a Felsteel Helm and Felsteel Gloves for good measure.

Put them in the mail and went to bed.

This morning I got a very nice in-game mail back from him. I replied with my RAK philosophy.

Hopefully he will use this incident to pay it forward.

Anyone else have good RAKs lately?

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