Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Shopping For Value

Whether you are an Enchanter looking to craft scrolls or you are a goblin looking to turn a quick profit, buying gear to Disenchant for materials has always been a good way to generate Enchanting materials for resale or personal use.

Don't overlook the recent price spikes in Greater Celestial Essences and Heavenly Shards.

A quick search of the AH for Jasper Rings today resulted in me finding some great deals. There were 14 Jasper Rings selling for under 14g each. I bought them all for a total of 178g.

Disenchanting them gave me 24 Hypnotic Dust and 11 Lesser Celestial Essences.

I kept these materials for use in crafting Scrolls and Embersilk Bags. However, if I wanted to resell them in the AH the Hypnotic Dust could have been listed at 3.5g each, or 84g.

The Lesser Celestial Essences converted into 3 Greater Celestial Essences with 2 left over. GCEs are selling for ~65g each and the LCEs are going for ~22g each. That's 195g for the GCEs and 44g for the LCEs on resale.

For literally 5 minutes work, my investment of 178g returned 323g in materials, or a 145g profit if I chose to resell them.

There were several Blue quality rings and necklaces too but the minimum prices were around 95g. Since Heavenly Shards are going for roughly 105g I didn't want to risk the investment for a potential 10g profit. Besides, I have a few hundred Heavenly Shards on hand now.

This return may or may not be worth your time, but please be on the lookout for good deals like this. Higer prices on Enchanting mats often means there is an opportunity for profit in other places.


  1. For sure a great way to stimulate stockpiles. however, time is money, and the daily grind of searching for DE stuff, then DEing, then crafting scrolls... and then stockpiling, and doing it daily added up to about a lot of time spent. Part of the reason, I stepped out of the game. At least activly running 2-300 auctions at minimum all the time... I used this strat and abused it to to maximize my take... because thats the game as I see it.. you in it to take other peoples gold...

  2. @ Achieve: I hear you loud and clear. For me, I try to make what I need to DE. Sometimes I can't so I'm forced to shop for the items. I stumbled onto this today and thought others might find it helpful to be reminded of this DE opportunity.

    300 auctions? Try 1,

  3. Yeah, agreed, at some point I started cutting my time invested. I got more effecient with addons... Namely Za, and less frequent with cancel posting... Time is money, and milling 3000 herbs is time and BORING AS (choice word here)... same w/ prospecting and DEing... those 3 things will almost certainly make you gold... as well as smelting ore into bars often too... bars are easier since you can do it AFK and not be breaking the TOS... Money gets better the more you have to process and reprocess the pieces... Ore>gems>xmute gems>craft DE foder> craft scrolls>craft cloth>craft cloth armor>cut gems>then post and cancel post repeatedly... resupply and restock rinse and repeat... complex? no, hard? no. Easy to lose money? probably. Time consuming? depends on how much we are talking.. to make 20K/week or more yeah, IMO... Addons lower risk, but can not predict the future, only tell you the past and current, addons definately save a cubic ton ton of time...

    its all about the business systems... in our case that is two fold, us, the goblins, and them things we call addons...

    It really takes both to make a good business system...