Saturday, May 28, 2011

Geruk (Velun US) Steps Up: For The Horde!!!

Yesterday I needed a break from the gold grind.

I went to a random server (almost random, anyway) and rolled up a Female Orc Mage. Why? Several reasons: never played an Orc, very little Horde experience at all, and mages really rock.

I met a totally cool player who reinforced my bias that awesome people are everywhere in WoW.

Quick Background

Back pre-Cataclysm I rolled a bunch of DKs on various servers to farm the Black Tabby. It was a failed experiment--I managed to gather only a few despite lots of farming efforts. One such DK was on Velun (US). When Nesingwary was down for extended maintenance one day I went to Velun and rolled a Shaman and an AH toon just to play through the wait time.

Even though I deleted my DK, the AH toon remained with about 15g in his purse. 

When I decided yesterday to jump on a new toon, Velun was the natural selection for me. Sort of a pre-paid vacation. A time share, if you will.

And Akartiki was born. 

Not What It Looks Like

Despite the above appearance, I'm really just logging out. No, really, Gar'Thok didn't demand a "favor" for a few silver.

As soon as Akar could get to Orgrimmar she checked out the AH. She had a 4g stake from my AH toon. Akar did a quick AH scan and found that for low level gathering Leather was the best value. Low level Ore was way oversupplied and Herbs looked to be in the middle. 

After training Skinning and Leatheworking (to make those scraps into serviceable Leather), Akar checked the scrap prices in the AH. None were good values but in what must have been a mistake, she did find 3 stacks of Heavy Leather for 20s per stack. The going rate for Heavy Leather was 2g 85s each--56g per stack. She snapped these up and relisted for 2g 50s each in stacks of 10. 

They sold in about three hours. 150g+ profit for 5 minutes work.

Need Some Bags for My Gold

I found a few bags here and there for 15s or 20s, some 8 slots and 10 slots. With my newly found wealth (now up to 300g in just a couple hours) I figured some Netherweave bags would be the best option. 

I found some cloth at 21s per cloth, sold in singles. There were three total stacks. I bought them all and went to /trade to find a tailor for my bags.

Within a few seconds I had a tailor hit me up for the work. She wanted 5g per bag with my cloth. OK, that included the thread too, but 5g? Even to retail the bags instead of using them I would have invested 9g per bag--hard to make a profit if I resold them. I asked her if she would take 9g for all three.

In the meantime, totally unsolicited, Garuk wsp'd that he was sending me bags for free in the mail--Imbued Netherweave bags, mind you.

I could have just bailed on the Netherweave bags I was making but decided to go through with that transaction since it could end up making a profit in the AH. 

Garuk and I struck up a conversation. I applauded his generosity. For that effort he decided to send me a Winterspring Cub for my trouble.

For The Horde!

I read all the time about douche-bags who rip off unsuspecting players, who flame noobs in trade, who gank lowbies in PvP zones--you name it, all sorts of abuse is reported all the time.

I have maintained for a long time that most players are NOT asswipes--just the vocal minority. It is easy to believe that all players are horrible, mean people if that is all we ever read about.

I go out of my way to 'donate' bags to lowbies, buy up Copper Ore, Silverleaf and other starter zone materials to 'prime the pump' for new players, and to offer advice whenever I see it can help. 

Just the other day on my main server I purchased some Silver Ore that was priced at 1% of market value. I sent it back to the seller with a note: "hey, if you mistakenly listed this so cheap here's your ore back--its worth 4g per rock. If not, I'll buy it again."

The reply? None from the seller. But today, I met this cool player......

Karma rocks.


  1. Glad to hear that you met someone nice on that server... My fiance and I left Velen because that was our 'newbie' server when we first started (alliance). After almost 2 years we no longer felt we were newbies so we moved to Whisperwind and also changed to Horde.

    We're enjoying Whisperwind... and the Horde ;-)

  2. I'm glad too. It is always a nice surprise to find a genuinely helpful and kind player.

    So far the server has been great and I'm really enjoying the quests.

  3. It's always nice making a new toon on a realm meeting someone who's kind. It doesn't happen often, but it's always memorable.

    Hilarious pic of the female. At first I just thought it was two standing 'inside' of each other.