Monday, May 2, 2011

Best. Week. Ever. ((4.1, Oh How I Love Thee, Let Me Count the 77,000 Ways))

Prior to 4.1's drop I prepared to move away from gold earning and return more to game playing. The mindset is different. Go cold turkey? Nah, that's a recipe for disaster. Gradually wean off the golden teat? Seemed more realistic but requires more willpower--something I have been known to lack in the past. 

Somewhere in the middle....gradual reduction in AH time coupled with more dungeons and questing....that should do it.

Seems like a plan.....then by Saturday the whole thing went to hell. I was back to full-on AH activity. The result?

Best. Week. Ever.

Help! My Addons are Broken!!

Tuesday came and went, the patch downloaded, but I didn't log on until Wednesday. Life intervened, ya know?

The patch disrupted everyone's addons. The AH went from the usual 22k auctions down to about 12k by late Wednesday. I figured out how to adjust Auctioneer so I must have been one of the only people on the server using it at that point. There were some ridiculous deals out there.

I began to rebuild my inventory. I crafted a bunch of PvP gear, both Plate and Cloth. 

I was able to get a huge supply of Elementium Ore very cheap--around 40g per stack. I don't know if someone listed it wrong or if it was just a good deal. Usually there are tons of people vying for cheap ore but the broken addons may have limited other players more than me.

Auction House Surprise

Wednesday I pushed on towards my guild rep goal of Honored. That BoA gear is just too tempting. 

Soon after this I hit Honored. Like 10 seconds later since I just turned in another quest. Because I had to return to Stormwind to buy the Rep Gear I figured I would check on my AH action before I logged for the night. Not a bad haul, but I've had many days with 10k+ in my inbox--3k was frankly a bit disappointing.

Thursday night I completed the Elementium Shuffle for my newly acquired 124 stacks of Ore. With my handy dandy macro in place it is easy to spam the keybound command while watching TV. Yawn.

Then I got a nice surprise. Since my AH messages appear in my regular chat frame I often don't see the little notices--"a buyer has been found for your XXX". When I finished listing my wares, a simple check of auctions provided this little gem.

Having had very spotty results in the past with PvP gear I was leery of investing too many valuable materials in a perhaps hard to sell commodity. However, selling almost a whole set of gear at once was encouraging!

Sales in general were trending up, no doubt. 

I began crafting more and more of this gear. Sales continued slowly but steadily through Friday.

Weekend Fire Sale

By Saturday morning every PvP item I had listed was gone. In fact, my gems had all sold, as had almost every ring, necklace and leather leg armor. 

I jumped on resupply of materials before the weekend rush hit. Most of what I needed was still priced well but there were some things like Volatile Fire and Illusion Dust that were just not available, or were beginning to creep up. I spent 25k on new materials. 

Saturday was spent re-crafting and re-supplying sales. My strategy has always been to keep only one item of any type listed at a time. I craft two or three but keep the inventory so I can re-list if I get undercut. It is easier (for me) that way, rather than list 3 and cancel/re-list in reaction to an undercutter. 

By late Saturday night I was out of materials. I had to scramble to find what I needed. I resorted to barking in /trade to buy quantities of Volatile Fire, Embersilk Cloth, etc. 

Sunday was more of the same--low supply, high demand. My weekend totals for crafted Plate gear looked like this:

Crafted Cloth gear looked the same. Somehow I missed the screenshot. Weekend sales for product, by total gold earned, were equally impressive.

The best part? Well, here are the 7 day sales results. Keep in mind that I had almost no activity Monday, Tuesday was patch day and Wednesday was slow. Thursday and Friday were spent making inventory, but sales were up somewhat. Late Friday and Saturday/Sunday were the biggest days I have ever had.

That translates into 77k net profit for a week. My gold on hand went up by 15% in just the last week. I still have a good supply of inventory out of the roughly 50k in materials investment. My scrolls are all full at 3x per unit plus the AH listing--4 of just about all the best ones.

There are some goblins out there that may have this experience all the time. Hell, some readers may have had much better results--please share if you did. For me, a day of 25k gold earned is usually tempered with 10k or more for materials. Most of my big days are 10k or a bit more in profit. There are many days I have net profit below 5k. 

For me, 4.1 has been the best week ever.


  1. Its been a fun week for sure... just selling LW leg armors and enchanting scrolls w/ a few odds and ends thrown in... Primal might, pets, LW crafted bags

  2. This week has been good for me too. I started with a mear 150k and currntly sitting on just shy of 300k with a slightly diminished stockpile but still quite comfortable.

    My main areas are like you: gems and plate pvp gear. I however managed to pick up a Vail of the Sands for 30k and hoping to flip it also, so factoring in that 30k investment, im up about 165k in a single week. Kinda insane.

  3. @ Achieve: the post patch celebration continued through Monday. Another 12k net from overnight auctions--I guess the Aussies were busy? Anyway, 89k net gold in a week is fairly amazing.

    @ Grey: your 100% growth rate dwarfs my mere 15%. Way to go!

  4. MySales shows a total of 270k income for the last 7 days or so. I didn't calculate how much I had to pay for restocking etc, but I know two things:

    1. My stockpile has not diminished at all, so it didn't seem to be an "all-out" week which would be leaving me shy of materials.

    2. My gold has almost doubled in that one week. All with 2 times posting a day, so nothing too fancy.

    Perhaps it was mere luck, I don't know. All I did was selling everything as usual, but it's most likely the Darkmoon Fair and Jewelcrafting right after the new content patch that made me way more money than I dared to imagine.

    May I ask how much gold's in your bank account right now? Just wondering whether I'm catching up at last.

  5. @ Vayaz: that's an impressive week--puts mine to shame. Sounds like you were much more efficient too. I know I spent more time in the AH just restocking the shelves than you seem to have spent overall.

    My gold total was 588k at the end of the day Monday. I haven't been on today yet but expect to be at 600k in the next day or two.

    I'm sure you have caught and passed me by now.

  6. I've been told that the prices on my server are inflated, so I'm not quite that whether that's comparable.
    In fact, I have not caught up with you yet. But no matter, I hope you don't mind me asking you about your total gold from time to time.
    It's going to be interesting to see when I catch up with you, if at all. :)

    Regarding efficiency, I don't know either. The only thing that I restock regularly is Jewelcrafting (i.e., gems) because they sell in vast quantities currently. Other than that, I'll re-post Darkmoon Cards once a day and also craft a few Blacksmithing PvP items when my stock runs low, but I found it better to just wait and see what sells than to undercut, cancel and repost all day.